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In August of 1964, Bill Fisch and Deken Jones founded Accratronics Seals Corp. (ATS) in a 5000 sq. ft. building in Burbank, CA. The company had eight employees including Bill and Deken, along with an idea to produce glass to metal seal connector cartridges for aerospace and military applications. Unlike other small manufacturers at the time, the company's intention was to perform every element of the process, such as machining the body, broaching, threading, making carbon molds & glass, chemical cleaning, pressure testing, and of course, glass sealing. From the beginning, the goal for ATS was to be as self-supporting as possible, in house with all manufacturing processes under our control.

By November of 1964, having in-house, self-contained capabilities proved invaluable. An engineer of Central Technology Inc. came to ATS with an urgent need for a connector of a peculiar design for the Gemini Space Program. After an exhaustive meeting, the engineer was convinced that ATS could build the part. However, he needed 100 of them in a week where normal delivery could have taken as long as a year. A promise of two weeks or sooner was made and agreed on. Ten days later, 100 pieces were shipped. Within a week, ATS had their first large contract for several thousand parts and the company was in business.

Early in the formulative months of ATS, a unique development occurred regarding the landlord of the first building. Being close to Hollywood, movie stars could occasionally be seen locally. However, it was still a surprise to learn that the building was owned by Moe Howard, of the "Three Stooges". While at first reluctant to lease the building, he eventually did and came every month to personally collect the rent. It was during his many visits that he showed an interest in the company and the products they made. This interest would prove helpful later.

Once ATS had an order for a large quantity of parts, the company needed money to acquire the materials to make the parts. Being such a small and new company, none of the local banks were willing to lend ATS money. That month, when Moe came to collect the rent, he could sense the disappointment and frustration present at ATS. When he learned why, he personally called his bank and guaranteed a loan. So a successful business launch was realized with the help of an actor, patron, and friend. Moe's friendship and encouragement continued until his death in the mid-seventies and ATS is grateful to him and his memory.

In 1976, the company moved into their present 14,000 sq. ft. facility adjacent to the original building. Acquisition of new CNC machines expanded our capabilities to meet the needs of our customers and move ATS into a competitive and successful "build-to-print" job shop.

  Since its foundation, ATS has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise run and managed as a family business now including General Manager Corby Jones, Information Systems Manager Kris Jones, Manufacturing Manager Troy Jones and Purchasing Manager Alicha Jones Ens. Over the years ATS continues a proud tradition of service, trust, and performance. What began in 1964 is now an experienced and quality shop, taking its place in the future.

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