hermetic seals ceramic-to-metal glass-to-metal glass seal connector cartridge bodies detonators terminal assemblies

Send out any Request for Quote (RFQ) and you will usually end up with a low bidder. That doesn't mean however that you get the best quality or a timely delivery. All of our other capabilities would be pointless if we couldn't give our customers the quality product they require when they need it.



At ATS, our Quality team is committed to...

1. Delivering a quality result on time that meets or exceeds your expectations, whether it's a manufactured part or customer service.

2. Empowering our operators and managers to be responsible for quality, thereby integrating quality into every facet of every job; from the order to delivery.

3. Maintaining high quality standards using the latest technology for inspection and measurement.

4. To support your customer needs however possible.

5. Maintaining effective and timely communication from your representatives.

6. Effectively utilize Continual Process Improvement (CPI) of our systems, which allows us to always work to better our product. In addition, ATS has extensive use of Statistical Process Control (SPC).

In addition to manufacturing your parts effectively, we also offer consulting on geometric dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T) in accordance with national drafting standard ASME Y14.5M. Proper application of GD&T assures your products will assemble with universal interchangeability and will function every time, as intended.

Accratronics is a:
Certified Supplier -Pacific Scientific
Ship to Stock Supplier-Pacific Scientific
Exemplary Subcontractor - Roketsan
Ship to Stock Supplier - OEA

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